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Glossary and Abbreviations - PCB Glossary
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Alphabet G

  • Gerber FilesIndustry standard format for files used to generate artwork necessary for circuit board imaging. The preferred Gerber format is RS274X, which embeds the apertures within the specific files. The apertures assign specific values to design data (specific pad size, trace width, etc.), and these values make up a D-code list. When files are not saved as RS274X, a text file with values must be included because the values must be hand-entered by our CAM operators. This slows down the process and increases the margin for human error, as well as lead-time and cost.
  • G10A laminate consisting of woven epoxy-glass cloth impregnated with epoxy resin under pressure and heat. G10 lacks the anti-flammability properties of FR-4. Used mainly for thin circuits such as in watches.
  • Gerber CAM ViewerThere are many Gerber viewers in the market. Here is a short list: GC Prevue, View Mate, GerbTool, CAM 350, CAMTASTIC, CAMCAD, CAM Expert, Evgraver, View Plot etc.

    Gerber Viewer Recommendations – View mate :Use the parameters on our pcb capabilities page to learn about our manufacturing capabilities prior to layout of your design, and prevent processing failures. By setting the pad sizes, clearances, minimum traces and spaces so your design will make it through the manufacturing process and will prevent board failures.
  • GIThe woven glass fiber laminate impregnated with polyimide resin.
  • Glob topA blob of non-conductive plastic, often black in color, which protects the chip and wire bonds on a packaged IC and also on a chip on board . This specialized plastic has a low coefficient of thermal expansion so that ambient temperature changes will not rip loose the wire bonds it is designed to protect. In high-volume chip on board production, these are deposited by automated machinery and are round. In prototype work, they are deposited by hand and can be custom-shaped; however, in designing for manufacturability, one assumes a prototype product will "take- off" and ultimately have high market demand, and so lays out chip on board to accommodate a round glob top with adequate tolerance for machine-driven "slop-over".
  • Glue depositGlue is automatically placed at the center of a component for extra structural integrity as a bonding agent between the component and the board.
  • Gold FingerThe gold-plated terminal of a card-edge connector.
  • Gold platedCertain areas of PCB are for use of contact pad. Unless the whole PCB is process for etching, this technique is limited in this application, normally to pads of edge of PCB as an electrolytic plating bar must be attached to the pads and then removed part away through the PCB manufacturing process. the PCB manuf
  • GroundA common reference point for electrical circuits returns, shielding or heat sinking.
  • Ground PlaneA conductive plane as a common ground reference in a multilayer PCB for current returns of the circuit elements and shielding.
PCB Design Tips

PCB Design Tips

When designing a PCB, try to limit the amount of draws you use. Draws use a lot of memory and slow the programming time. Use a flash for pads instead.

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